Friday, 3 December 2010

Bad ads corner # 3

Happy Friday people. If you are reading this today then you should be ashamed. Haven't you got better things to do than watch Executive Summary creep towards 100 posts with this thinly veiled attack on media industry publications.
You haven't? Then read on.

 - As you can see, this is rule 9/10. The penultimate installment of garbage ads in a series of ten. Executive Summary could have included the previous 8 'rules of low cost TV' as they were equally awful, however the scanner has been broken. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. The boxing analogy is very odd. Why is the man wearing a suit? Also, look at what is written on the gloves:

My Brand as seen on TV - why do you want to punch people in the face with your brand?
Sales lift - How does punching represent a sales lift?

I could go on . . .

In a climate of 'it's all about involving not telling your audience' why do you want to land a right hook on them?


ES loves this next one. The panda looks sad and still, like he hasn't been fed for a week. It's not very moving or loving. But don't worry if you commission these animation specialists to work on you TV series or high budget 30 spot they'll buy you a coffee. No expense spared. I take that back, they probably give you a polystyrene cup of black Nescafe because they ran out of milk

'Want to hear about our brand? Well look at this picture of an unhappy child. The baby has soiled himself and now has nappy rash. Interested, call 0800 555 7869'

And finally a good ad! After innumerate posts about the use of irrelevant cute and furry critters in ads for printers or recruitment firms, I have found this beauty. Stock dog # 5 is looking at the fascinating text about a job opportunity for the PDSA. Executive summary initially thought of the Profoundly Dumb Soccer Association (who recently awarded the 2022 World Cup to Qatar), but Executive Summary's sources confirmed that PDSA stands for 'something about pets and stuff'.
So the dog is relevant. Hurrah!

Weekend etc.