Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Notes from a meeting

I thought I would brighten up the page a little with this picture (sorry about the quality).

Many frustrated executives will recognise the kind of mind numbing boredom and bubbling fury from pointless meetings.

You know, the kind that are set up just to make people feel good or important. You end up wanting the floor to open and swallow you up. Usually any real work or outcome is avoided by some pain the ass putting a spanner in the works.

In this particular meeting there was a man who looked like a mole, the highlight was looking out of the window and seeing a majestic crow on the roof of a lorry. At least he was having a good time.

I also seem to have invented the world's most complicated geometric shape. Not bad for an hours work.

This guy sums it all up sometimes:

I like to think I do it more eloquently though.