Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Moments when you want to hide under your desk # 1

We have all had them, the moments when you just want to hide under you desk and pretend you don’t exist. Not that you don’t work in your office, so that no-one can get hold of you – YOU DON’T EXIST. This is a first instalment of the many situations which make me feel like doing so.

Rounds of applause in the Monday morning meeting.

Your boss staring at you as they don’t have any work to do and are looking for inspiration

People claiming that they couldn’t live without eight and a half hour’s sleep.

Colleagues complaining about aching muscles from going to the gym by saying things like ‘oh my God, my legs are literally broken’

General exaggerations – ‘Can you die from drinking too much Mulled wine?’

Watching people stuff in sandwiches, cakes and any other foodstuffs at 5:29pm to avoid ‘getting too pissed or feeling terrible tomorrow’

Blaming technology failures – ‘My Blackberry keeps ringing totally random people’
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