Friday, 26 March 2010

Shooting the messenger

As an executive you are often used as the fall guy for your superior’s shortcomings. We all know that. I am almost of the opinion that it is fair enough as making mistakes means far less when you are young. Pulling rank is inevitable.

I am sure many are familiar with the phrase ‘don’t shoot the messenger’. However, it seems that many high powered managers and directors are not.

For them, bad news is bad news. Nothing but a task completed to their high standards with minimal fuss will do. I guess when you are the organ grinder, you are not interested in how the process works, only that the end result is good.

It is always frustrating when someone kicks off at the first sight of bad news (delivered although not caused, by you). The humble executive stands dumbly in the doorway, unable to offer a solution, only to act as a wind break for the hot air and bile flying out Mr. Director’s mouth.
I guess the solution is, either dress up bad news better, or don’t deliver it at all!