Friday, 19 March 2010

Top of the pile

This week, I have prepared a little ditto about the top brass, and the games that we like to play with them.

When a Director or some such person of importance starts to chat to someone in the department, underlings sidle out of their offices making their approach. Sometimes their slow crab-like movements are spotted by co-workers who know they don’t have an ‘in’ to the current conversation.

More embarrassing examples of this ‘sidling’ I have seen include standing in silence around 5 yards away and inching closer, getting to the outskirts of the conversation and simply nodding and saying ‘oh yes’. The worst of course is when someone pulls rank on you and simply interrupts a conversation with a direct unrelated question to the director.

You see, when the top brass comes down to visit, workers turn into children begging for attention, pulling on their sleeve whilst say ‘look at me, I’m oh so smart’.

This all has the undesirable effect of making directors more aloof and giving them an inflated ego. Not only do they think everyone is that nice and attentive normally, but they realize how important their time is.

I don’t know how many times I have been asked by someone senior to provide information or explanation on something which requires a trip to their office. Upon welcoming you into their office abode, they then proceed to read 10 emails, check their blackberry, compose responses and make calls. It is a demonstration of how busy and important they are, whilst showing you that your time is expendable.

What are you supposed to say? ‘Hello, remember me, the only other person that is sitting in your 10’x10’ box office’?

Hey ho, back to the pod.