Thursday, 1 April 2010


That wonderful question – ‘what did you do at the weekend?’

Now this executive likes to relax as much as everyone, but you have to have something to show for your efforts after two days of freedom. There seem to be two ways of answering this tricky Monday morning question:

One is to go for the nice option – ‘I spent time with my family’, ‘I went out with my partner’And receive the ‘ohh lovely’ or ‘that’s nice’ response.

The other option is to get competitive – I went and got a massage, then quad biking, then had dinner at a really expensive restaurant, then we headed the club where we were on the guest list and got thrown out into a paparazzi scrum at 5:30am . . . and that was just Saturday.It is as if everyone tries to outdo each other come 9 a.m. Monday.

Every week you will catch the ‘borings’. The drones who have no excuse for having fallen foul of laziness and having no imagination . The excuse offered is always that they ‘chilled out’

Ahh ‘chilling out’ youth’s excuse for doing nothing.

I did nothing, but it was good because I meant to. It’s something we might see on the gravestones of the members of generation Y where god forgot to insert the personality chip. People who seem to lead mundane and futile lives. Here likes John Doe, ‘Basically chilling out’.

The key of course to answering the question of the weekend is to make much of just one thing you did, whether you loved it or not. It serves as just enough information for you to blend into the background of the office and continue to plot your world domination.