Friday, 13 August 2010

Bad ads #12

A 2 for 1 today.

Incredibly, these ads were on the same piece of paper, back-to-back, cheek-to-cheek,

I can't think of any two items that sum up data lists less than a fiarly attractive woman and some decorative glass balls.

If you are going to go all out on the marbles pun why not lose the picture of the woman and write things like 'search', 'data' and 'lists on each marble.

The fact that the woman is on the left and is bigger than the marbles (of which the copy is solely based) suggests that it is her that has lost her marbles. Perhaps, she went on some kind of 'Falling down' style rampage when her data requirements were not fulfilled.

Number two.

I guess a tape measure might be relevant to whatever G2S do. It kind of makes them look like a bunch of cowboy builders.

'G2S - we'll be round in a jiffy, no job too small, call Ron, cash only'

Considering how small this add was (about 5x7cm), there is a huge void in the middle! Maybe they had a nice stock image of a table, a bumble bee or some marbles and found their budget had disappeared into the night, like a rogue trader with no conscience.