Monday, 2 August 2010

Bad ads #11

What a lovely pussy!

We are back in the realms of whacking a stock animal image onto recruitment ads to make you look.

If we are accepting the metaphor of you as the cat, and your prospective job as a goldfish, I have some questions:

Can the cat pounce? No, it can't even get its fat head into the bowl. It probably has 'eaten' too many 'jobs' in the past.

Is a job like a fish? and do you want to consume your next job as you would a roast dinner.

Is the fish growing in number (as is indicated at the bottom)? Not unless another job got it pregnant before it entered the bowl.

What does the bowl represent? The UK, the career sector, the new job's limitations? In any case, you (the lovely cat) are bigger than it.

Does the water represent the fact that you will have to go through an extremely unpleasant experience to get to your job. Or maybe the job is located on a remote island.

I'll never know. The phone interviewer put the phone down at this point, after asking me to never apply again.