Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Bad ads #13

Marketing grin get the honour of being the unlucky 13th Bad Ad.

I type this with heavy fingers and drooping eyelids and a weary disposition. Please forgive this executive if the analysis of this futile insertion is less witty and sparkling than usual.

I am off on holiday this week, so you will have to wait for the next installments of 'how we get work' and office based life.

To business.

Other than being minutely eye catching due to the dot of colour in the sea of greyness, I can't really see what this is all about.

Is it implying that your 'Digital Vision' is dated, misguided or samey?

Do Marketing grin see themselves as so futuristic and cutting edge, that they can imagine real fruit as opposed to the photo-shopped stuff? Are they saying that in the cup of 'Marketing Grin' they have many crap ideas and one stands out.

Or are they simply giving away cherries on their stand.

Who knows, I'm sure that the lack of visitors to there exhibition stand wiped the grin off their faces.