Friday, 14 May 2010

Office Characters #6

The Gym Junkie.

We all like to keep fit. Healthy body, healthy mind.

We don't all feel the need to tell everyone about all of our training, food consumption and bodily functions.

Things that a GJ might say:

'I'm on a new diet, no carbs after 1pm'

'I had to change my training because my body was becoming too used to it'

'What's the point in doing Cardio? its boring'

'Men's fitness has got some great articles on blasting your abs this week'

'I'm down to 6% body fat now, that the same as an elite athlete'

'I need to replace the electrolytes because I have low blood sugar'

'I can't come out at lunch, I never drink when I'm training'

'My legs are hurting so much today because I was training so hard in the gym'

We just don't need to know.