Wednesday, 26 May 2010


That's right everyone, I have become versed in the ways of Twitter.
I would like to talk to you all about office music today.

Now I don't think that iPods should be allowed at your desk. Fair enough if you have a data entry job, or one where you are performing a process which required no interaction.
However, if someone has to tap you on the shoulder to get you to pull your waxy earphones out of your lugholes, it seems a bit rude.

Some offices like to flout the copyright laws of the PRS and play music in the office. I work work in one such office, where MP3 players can be plugged in and tunes played via tinny speakers, to the rest of the drones in the cube farm.

All the tepid, lukewarm inoffensive music (Florence and the Machine, Empire of the Sun, Snow Patrol etc) gets pretty boring, pretty quickly.
In defense of all of this, it is good solid working music, and you can happily get on with your work whilst the nicey nicey melodies wash over you.

And then comes cheesy Friday. The screeches of the Jackson five, Duran Duran greatest hits, Aha and the Bee Gees. Its all a bit of fun, but does it help productivity?

When the office falls into silence when a track finished it is like everyone becomes conscious of themselves again, and can't work then either? Music makes the office seem, buzzing alive and interested.

What are we to do. Have white noise piped in? A zombie like Bagpipe drone? Maybe headphones would be such a bad idea.