Monday, 17 May 2010

Office Characters #7

And now we come to the final in my series of Office characters. (Maybe I should add work shy cynical twenty something to the list :)

Anyway, The Charlatan.
Media is full of them. You know the type of person who is a little too fond of buzzwords. Job titles for these people include 'futures planner' 'strategy director' and the like. In fact I met one once who called himself a hyphenate! planner-researcher-strategist-presenter, so many hyphens that he called himself a hyphenate.
Charlatans display the following behaviour:
Mentioning academic works based on psychology or behavioural economics or something similar. This helps to add weight to their wacky theories.
Dreaming up imaginary problems which mean they can't deliver simple work on time, or at all. Excuses such as, 'I am waiting for this team to contact me', or 'this system is down'.
Having one eccentric habit which is memorable (wearing bow ties or braces, mentioning your favourite hobby constantly)
Having worked for about 15 different companies in the last decade. AKA companies not being able to bear you, so you move on. Charlatans claim this as invaluable experience across many sectors. They wear their tumultuous CV like a badge of honour.
Knowing every old fruit in the business. Charlatans are able to get work on the strength of their contacts.
Finally describing themselves with the dreaded 'c' word. Consultant.
I hope you have enjoyed my jaunt through the characters in a typical media company. The stereotypes aren't that far from the truth.