Friday, 7 May 2010

Office Characters #4

The Fashionista,
Its all about the looks. We all like to look nice, but be don't all spend 6 hours of the working day beautifying or shopping online.
Better looking employees can often get away with a lot, especially in a sales environment. Lets face it, no one would buy a £4 watery tequila shot in a bar at 2 in the morning if you were buying it from a 300 pound hairy chap named Terry.
Fashionistas are a distraction for both the office and themselves. So much hair flicking, nail filing, and co-ordinating what to wear on Friday's casual day.
Entire lunch hours are spent on ASOS, or out shopping (if it is within 3 days of payday). In fact, I think Fashionistas are the worst for moaning about being broke. These are the girls that keep the high street going, how do they spend £200 p/m on clothes alone. I'll tell you how, by building up a hideous credit card debt. At the end of the day, it's OK, they can move back in with their parents to save money. Cocktails and dinners out every night don't come cheap you know.
They are just looking for Mr. Right anyway. 'Sex and the City' has made all of this behaviour socially and morally acceptable. People in Chaucer's time certainly had harsher judgements to make on the Wife of Bath's antics.
n.b. The Fashionista is not to be confused with the Recessionista - a new incarnation who has downgraded from All Saints to Top Shop in order to pay off some credit debt.