Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Office Characters #3

The Cainer

What more needs to be said?

These people hang around like a bad smell. Flies drawn to the proverbial mess of the media industry.
Don't get me wrong, it's fun to have a good time, and get a few freebies, but these people give the industry it's reputation for laziness, drunkenness and selfishness!

It's fashionable to have a stonking hangover, 5 O'clock stubble (even for the ladies), wonky glasses, ripped jumpers, un-ironed shirts and a fuzzy mind.
It gives them a certain credibility. At least they know how to have a good time all the time and get away with it.

Grabbing freebies with both hands, asking reps outright 'when are you going to take me to a music festival?' 'Can't we go somewhere nicer for lunch'
They play people off against each other and maintain that their mistakes are caused by entertaining and networking too much.

The Cainer is never too ashamed to crack out the excuses for being late. Doctors, Dentists, train, the boiler, a death in the family, alien invasion.

The only noticeable downside for Cainers is the fact to booze and coke must be a real drain on the finances. They say opposites attract, and for Cainers it's a must. If one got married to another it would be like a scene from a sitcom. A sitcom about inept drunk unprofessional people.

Anyway, they are pretty fun to hang around with. Every office has one.