Monday, 7 June 2010

Sporting life

Once in every four years, the unique spectacle of the World Cup disrupts offices across the country.

I say once in every four years, but it doesn't have to be football (e.g. the ashes) or even England (e.g. Usain Bolt) to provide a welcome distraction to the nation's disgruntled office based bipods.

When it is a matter of national importance, such as an competitive England football match during work hours, companies usually cave in and set up a screen for employees to watch (rather than running AWOL from the building to the nearest public house, Dixon's, or wherever will take them).

However, for many young males, the World Cup provides a sense of multicultural acceptance, the greatest talent is on display and a sense of ultimate competition.

No game can be missed, if you are to fully immerse yourself in the greatest tournament on earth.

Come Friday, eyeballs, ears and brains will be diverted and 50-75% of the workforce will instantly fall into zombie-like states. Their faces will belie nothing but a thousand yard stare and an encyclopedic football knowledge attempting to burst its way out of their cranium. Internet systems will crash from streaming the games, heads will be buried in Newspaper analysis and any vaguely round object will be picked up and kicked around the office for an impromptu game.

A word of advice to office managers: Screen it or suffer