Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Agony of others

Is it totally necessary to open you ears and mind to the outpourings of bile and woe from your fellow employees?
We all need to let off a little steam in the pub sometimes, it’s good for morale. There is also a need to accumulate gossip and information about your colleagues like there is no tomorrow. Media office politics are simply like a trading game with gossip as the currency. Throw someone some juicy gossip, and they owe you some. If you have some real dirt on a colleague, it may keep them quiet about your misdemeanours.

However, there comes a point where you realise you are an empty vessel, ready to receive the wails and moans and cries of ‘foul play’ from your immediate colleagues. Do you need to put yourself in this position, and how does it benefit you?

Well, I would say that unless you are too apathetic about your job to moan back, it gives you a pair of ears to bombard too. It doesn’t matter whether they are tuned in to your rabbitings or not. At the end of week drinks session, when the glass is raised to their lips, its your turn to unload.