Wednesday, 7 April 2010


It is difficult not to turn into a member of the Prawn Sandwich Brigade during an office lunch.
You know the ones where high powered executives sit around the table all trying to out-do each other with their lack of hunger.

When the clock strikes one everyone sits on their hands, refuses to eat and continues to talks about more irrelevant business. It’s like eating more than one quarter of a sandwich over lunch portrays you as a glutton only interested in food rather than your company. Of course a huge amount of lunch has been ordered as having left over is always better than not enough.

No one wins in this Mexican stand off situation. Directors go hungry, and the huge surplus of sandwiches are then delivered to other departments on their return from having just paid for lunch. Office workers can’t resist a freebie as we know and proceed to gorge themselves on said surplus.

Lunch meetings . . . no one is a winner.