Monday, 14 June 2010

Death by Donuts

It's summer holiday season. You know, the time when good little office workers blow thousands of pounds on trips to expensive resorts in the Caribbean or Asia simply to lie on a sun lounger for two weeks.
Who made the rule up about paying your holiday penance anyway. You MUST bring back some sweets from the country where you were lying on a sun lounger all day for your greedy colleagues to eat.
Donuts are almost always the food of choice, even though a) they are responsible for the 40,000 office workers dying from grease filled arteries every year, b) people get bored of them and c) they aren't even relevant to where you've been.
here are some more interesting ideas for office treats:
Jolly Ranchers
Scotblock cooking chocolate
Fruitinis for all
Monkey Nuts
Yop Milkshakes
Glace Cherries
Lets do away with the ghastly M&S tubs of Rocky road (I am suspicious of what is used to stick the chocolaty components together) and get creative.