Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Walk of life

Why is it that bloated office baboons are so intent on avoiding physical exercise?
There are many blogs, tips and hints on how spinning around in your chair or only eating dust during work hours can help yourself beat the bulge. If you are reading this at work STOP. Get up. Go on! GET UP! Now run, jump and cartwheel around the office encouraging others to do likewise with you. Think about how long you have been sitting festering in your office chair. Years probably, you disgust us all. I jest of course. We all fall foul of spending too long in the saddle in front of a screen, but some executives go to great lengths to avoid exercise.
Office behaviour I have observed recently:
Someone using their chair to scoot across the floor to get to the biscuits rather than walking.
Horrendous squawking at a poor choice of music on the office stereo - without walking the 1.5 meters to change it
8 hours worth of moaning about the office temperature (too cold) without turning up the air con. This did not stop several offenders from switching on personal heaters though.
People who regularly get the lift down one floor. Walking down stairs is not even hard! Simple outright pleading with others to walk and get things for people.
I am one of those people who thinks that waiting on an escalator is a waste of time. You could be getting to your destination quicker and getting a miniature work out at the same time - Talk about two birds and one stone. Industry experts predict that climbing two flights of stairs can help office workers lose up to 4 pounds of weight per day. So come on, change your bad habits, the NHS depends on it.