Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Every executive has to deal with tiredness. We burn the candles at both ends of course.
Each morning when you smash the new alarm clock (prompting another trip to the electrical store), and crowbar the sleepy crust from your tired eyes, you think 'I definitely get an early night tonight'.
The problem is, by early, you mean before midnight, and by 'definitely' you mean 'in the incredibly unlikely even of nothing going on and my friends deserting me'.
I for one think that learning to cope with less sleep is
a) A badge of honour
and c) allows you an extra 15 days per year of leisure time.
Surely this is definitely worth it?
Luckily in media, no-one wakes up before lunch anyway. It makes no sense that Friday mornings are crucial weekly deadlines in most media jobs. If you do have important work to do like this, here are some handy hints:
Get yourself a nutritious media breakfast - A bottle of fizzy water and a fag.
Only drink espressos - at least you will accept that you use caffeine as a drug (and it looks more refined).
Leave your computer running at night and time delay those emails. People think you were working late and won't bother you.
Leave important work until the last minute, the sense of panic will wake you up quickly.
Consumer one sugar lump every 15 minutes for the first three hours of the working day. Granulated, Caster or demorara are all fine.
Arrange 9:30 meetings so that both parties can moan about how tired they are.
Make sure to lambaste the weaklings that complain about still being tired even though they went straight to bed after DIY SOS with Nick Knowles (at 8:30pm).
Well, I'm off out. I'll see you tomorrow - after the third cup of coffee.