Friday, 18 June 2010

Flirtation for the nation

There is nothing more cringe worthy and sickening than learning of a colleagues flirtatious exchange via electronic mail or text message.

Things that co-workers might say to alert you to how desirable they seem to be to the opposite sex:

Oh my God, he just texted me saying that he isn't a performing monkey, but he bloody well is.

I emailed her saying I had a good time, but she hasn't replied yet.

"They are sooooo cheeky, I can't believe they said I've got chunky thighs"

Stifled laughter up to 5 times a day from flirtatious texts. You know it isn't a joke, as they are a bit too embarrassed to share the details

"I don't fancy him, but I'm going to give it a go anyway"

Ways in which you can respond -

Say something like - 'it's good to feel loved'.

Send snide emails to colleagues about how you don't want to know about other people's romantic interludes.

Simply walk over to the offending colleagues desk and shower their keyboard, monitor and other belongings in projectile vomit.

Executives need to keep their sexy business to themselves.