Thursday, 15 July 2010

Air Con 1

I'm cold, I'm hot, it's freezing, it's boiling.

Different people, different temperatures.

The temperature regulation system is highly divisive in all offices. I know office workers who do not have air con, and cook in the summer. I have also worked in offices where all windows are locked, so as not to disturb the regulated temperature in an office.

Our systems have been set to 22 degrees recently, (but on a summer setting). This sounds positively tropical, but I can assure you the conditions are arctic. 22 degrees is an outright lie, it is more like 15. It doesn't bother me, I'm used to it as our floor has always been this cold. However, there are now 50-100 sqwaking members of other floors who are demanding a raise. A temperature raise!

The problem is that people can walk up and increase or decrease the setting as they see fit. Some people think if you put it on 30 degreees, it will reach 24 quicker. Some people actually believe the control to display the genuine temperature, and some people don't relaise that turning the damn thing off stops any air flow creating a stuffy, still, putrid air.

Basically my point is lock the control, as long as it is consistant it doesn't distract you, and you can freeze or fry in relative peace.