Friday, 23 July 2010

Drinking at lunch

I'm sure regular readers (who are likely to be members of the media fraternity) will be wondering why it has taken me so long to write a post on lunchtime boozing.

It is a rite of passage, a test of character and an essential skill.
People in other professions will tell you that they couldn't handle it. They would fall asleep and not get any work done. Business and pleasure don't mix.

In terms of networking, taking clients out and getting yourself known, a bit of social lubrication is always needed. This however, is a thinly veiled excuse for why everyone frequents pub in Soho Wednesday to Friday.

Some essential information is below.

Drinking times:
1-3pm (extended lunch)
This can be lengthened on a Friday or depending how on how brave you are.

Best practice:
More than one drink is essential
Avoid Rose wine as it can be extremely dangerous.
Plan your food consumption carefully, food in Soho pubs is usually inedible
Always take a media contact with you for expensing purposes
Switch the Out of Office on if you are going to be back after 3pm.
Leave that suit jacket on the back of your chair.
Switch locations every week to avoid becoming a regular.
Make sure to have some Coffee or other stimulants in the office if you have any real work to do P.M.

Types of lunchtime drinkers:

Worriers - spend the whole lunch hour worrying about work, their boss, and what time they will be back. detract from others' enjoyment.
Re-fuellers - the kind of people who don't work well running on empty. A lunchtime pint can kick start the day and increase productivity.
Sleepers - The mere smell of alcohol sends them into a deep slumber. The rest of their day is likely to be spent wandering around aimlessly, missing deadlines and moaning.
Crazies - Get that maniacal look in there eye once the second drink goes down. You get a sense of days gone by, raving in a warehouse in 1991 for 48 hours. Likely to AWOL.
Don't give a sh*ts - People who have one drink and go off the rails. Likely to give work the heave ho and get on it bigstyle. Known to say things like 'I don't care, I'm King of everything'
Liquid lunchers - Will go for a drink any day of the week, Monday, Tuesday, whatever.
Media Battleaxes - Hardened drinkers who can handle any amount of booze and return to the office a model professions. Practice makes perfect.

Well sorry if the spelling has been a bit wonky. I've only just got back from the pub you see. (Unfortunately this is untrue. I was laughed at for ordering a Blackcurrant and Soda, but managed to claw back some cred as it was a pint - yesss!)

Merry drinking, and a happy weekend.