Monday, 26 July 2010

bad ads #9

The return of Bad Ads!

It has been away for so long, and now it's back with a bang.

What a corker! Unfortunately, my lazy scanning doesn't show the true horror of what is going on.

In case you can't see exactly what it is (or more likely looked away in horror), the picture depicts an ugly man prepping his arm (complete with rubber tube and vein tapping), for some nice drugs.

Telementry (an online ad serving company) has come up with the rather good idea of promoting their service as 'truth serum'.

Positive images to associate with your company:

Truthful - check
Substance abuse - check
Disease and infection - check
Face meltingly disgraceful furious Scottish addict - check
Non-descript brown bottles - check.

I think this is the best yet.


. . .

I'm getting something through the airwaves.

. . .

A telepathic message. This company is probably going to scare off it's existing clientele by mailing them images of Brazilian slums and drowned kittens. They are now a couple of grand in the hole after placing this monstrosity too!