Thursday, 8 July 2010

Optimists vs Pessimists


In every office there will be optimists and pessimists. Whichever camp you fall into, the opposite personality will madden you.
Realists are a breed of people who manage to balance the frustrations of work with staying positive, liked and rising to the top of the pile. Needless to say realists are a very rare breed, and if you are reading this, you're either a confused optimists, or a bored pessimist.

How to spot a pessimist:

They never agrees to work instantly. There will be at least one block to the required task being completed
Complains about the management structure / policy to other pessimists, with no intention of raising it formally
Someone who makes you aware exactly how hard they work
Has been in the same role for over two years
Bored of office perks, would prefer to have nothing that something 'nearly good'
Says things like - these sweets are making me feel sick, whilst shovelling them in
Someone stuck in a routine that they profess to 'tolerate'
Complains about office temperature / office music without changing them
Often self deprecating about their contribution to the company
Claims to be waiting on work from 'other people / other teams'

How to spot an optimist:

Has misplaced faith that everything 'will be OK'. The recession doesn't matter yeah?
Says things like 'c'est la vie', or 'oh life', or 'oh well'
Talks about things other than annoying workmates at the pub on a Friday
Finds joy in the minutiae of office life - 'Oooooh new blinds, excellent'
Thought England could win the world cup prior to 07/06
Has too much on their plate as they say yes to work
Gets incredibly excited about freebies or industry events
The last to know about promotions / office politics
Gleefully participates in tea rounds

Remember to be kind and friendly to those around. Love each other, and keep your dark thoughts about culling members of your office to yourself.

You can turn from a Optimist to a Pessimist in the blink of an eye. Staying Realistic is hardest of all. I guess you need a little of all three to be a true PRO