Thursday, 7 October 2010

Bad ads #14

Where to start? Maybe an apology for the marks at the side of the image where this executive hastily circled this monstrosity of a print ad.

Firstly this ad reminds me or a departmental colleague pulling the very same un-ladylike pose in a drunken conference picture. No names, no pack drill.

Well, this is a pretty simple case of don't make people look away. If you are going to use 70% of whatever small space you have in a publication with an abhorrent image you are idiots. It's not even funny.

The image is abhorrent because of two reasons.
1. We don't want to see lovely old grandad is telling us to 'do one'. Why not just show a picture of Michael Parkinson smashing a bag of kittens with a hammer, or Roy Hodgson raping a sheep?
2. It's just so posed. iStock 101. Grandad must have been paid with a large amount of Werthers originals to commit to doing such an unnatural pose.

This company are clearly useless at what they do.

Types of berry that are better than redberry:

Dave Berry
French 'Berry' hat
Michael Berry-more
Halle Berry
Berry St. Edmunds
Berried (the film)
Goji Berry
Berry special boccasion

These bad ads just keep on rolling on.