Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The sales conference - day one

Pictures a worth one thousand words.

Added to this, this executive does not have the time or the inclanation to type up the full conference experiece.  It will be far to harrowing for the author and readers of this blog.

If you have been on a sales conference, then hopefully the pictures will conjour up images of jolly jaunts into the sea at 4 a.m, run ins with bouncers, drugs, sex, rock and roll and erm . . . PowerPoint. Yeah!

If you haven't been, then rest assured this was true Brits-abroad behaviour, and not one of those tame American conferences held at a hotel in Pittsburgh or Minneapolis with a 3 hours awkward 'partay' were people in suits writhe around attempting to dance.

All people in these pictures are not real people. They are robots created for the purposes of explaining a sales conference experience in picture form. All photos are directed and shot by myself. These robots are dangerous. Do not attempt to contact them as they could use their robot powers (including laser eyes) to melt your brain.

Day 1:

If anyone is wondering, yes, Dirk Kuyt was on our Sales Conference.