Thursday, 14 October 2010

Bad ads corner #2

I'm not sure if this one has been included before. If so, ES apologises. To cut to the chase, Lighthouses are not for searching. They are for warning. A stationary, unmanned big torch to keep ship away from danger is not a great metaphor for an agency specialising in search. Magnifying glass, treasure hunt or map would be of more use here.

As much as I admire and enjoy the imagery of breasts, can they really be used as imagery for reaching capacity? Surely breasts like the ones pictured here can only grow surgically, unless they are those of younger girls (which would be creepy and illegal).
This is without doubt my favourite of the bunch. Who is this funny old man? A bit like Alexei Sayle in a box, or Patrick Stewart being bundled into a sack. This ad is supposed to be selling new, fresh data, yet chooses to use an older (and possibly naked) gentlemen in a brown paper bag (synonymous with ugliness and shame). Is he supposed to represent someone you want to reach as an audience (as he is happy), or someone you don't (as he is in a bag of shame).

Some classics in Campaign this week but I'll save that for another time.