Thursday, 28 October 2010

Bad ads?

This time, and entry from the digital world. I can't even work out whether it is bad. The design is fairly eye catching and well set out. But yet again, the creative concept is extremely muddled.

I am confused by a few things. What does 'on a stick' even mean? It seemingly can be used in any circumstance:

Talent on a stick
Sex on a stick
Fun on a stick

or in the more literal sense:

Rag on a stick (can be used to wash oneself)
Apple on a stick

Does 'on a stick' mean with easy access? Or is it referring to something as plain and simple.
Whatever it means, please enjoy this video of a Redneck using a lawnmower on a stick.

Back to the criticism. Some questions:

Why is the talent Purple? Is it because Purple consultancy only searches for a specific kind of talent, or because they cynically manipulate it to meet their own diabolical ends?

Why is the talent melting? Is it turning sour, or is it to show that if you don't take it now it will be gone forever.

Finally, why is this recruitment company asking you to lick their talent?!? This can surely only lead to expensive and time consuming sexual harassment lawsuits.