Monday, 4 October 2010

Monday thoughts

Monday morning and I am faced with this chart.

I contemplate whether to delete the word localism and insert 'suicide?'
The drilling and banging contiues, my mood worsens.

What did I do with my weekend? lethargy, apathy and dissappointment spring to mind.

Some random thoughts:

Multi-tasking should be embraced in the workplace. For example, it should not be considered rude to polish your shoes whilst in a meeting about industry developments.

Is a cinema a good location for a lecture / speach? The stench of pop corn and an overwhelming desire to holds hands with whoever is sitting next to you suggests not.

All office hover-ers should be made to stand in an empty room for half and hour a week. You know, people who think they are important enough to but into any conversation by hovering behind your seat. It is simply rude. To even the score half and hour of hover-ers time should be wasted in this futile gesture.

Blackberry desposit boxes shou be installed by the door of each room in the building. It is most infuriating when people in their own office are scrolling around on the little twit-machines. Gotta get that important update about a BA flight sale from Travel Zoo. Or perhaps it is Tesco, informing you that you can get double Clubcard points and Kleenex tissue this week.

Happy Monday