Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Bad ads corner

 Are friends at Ark-H are back with another classic. Actually this is not too bad. The fruit-based imagery is ruined by the fact that the blackberries should be plural and they are as big as the Apple! Also, Apple and Blackberry are a well know combination in the desert world, but this as ad is trying to say that Ark-H can deliver either technology, not that they go well together.

If I wanted to go to 'experts in digital printing' I don't think these 8 charming dogs would convince me. Firstly, the printing looks crap, it looks like they have daubed one of the poor mutts in children's paint. Secondly, what does that prove? 'We are such experts, we can print on 3D objects . . . like dalmations'. They haven't even used the Dalmatians trademark spots anywhere in the concept (you could have 7 without spots, and one with). The mind boggles

A couple of bonus entries from the world of Accountancy this week. I'm branching out. Next stop consumer ads (that you might actually see in your lifetime).


Not a great scan, but this is brilliantly terrible. How can you try and use a humorous concept for 'Symbiant tracker' (whatever the fuck that is)? The logo looks like Auto Trader, the guy looks like a douchebag and 'audit action tracking' is not driving me mad. It is horribly laid out, way way way way too much copy, different fonts and colours, horrible blue border. And why is the Top line of text aligned left? I can't believe someone was paid to make this monstrosity


10 pin bowling is not a game of chance, it is a game of skill. It is also a fun game that people enjoy, whilst they do not enjoy difficult software decisions. Perhaps a roulette wheel would have been better.

If anyone has any suggestions of other industry mags with bad ads which are missing out on my poison tongue, let me know!