Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Creative block

Does writer's block exist, or is it just work avoidance?

Maybe it is the wooziness of midweek blues, but this executive is feeling stuck. Any kind of writing that isn't direct interaction like email, often proves too hard to conjure up.
Whether it is a dry figure-heavy report, some long winded analysis for top brass, or a story-based presentation, executives nationwide often get the dreaded writer's block.

It doesn't happen instantly, but bit by bit. The more you think your struggle to fill the page, the more your work grinds to a steady halt . . .

Here are some suggestions if your creativity is at a low ebb:
  • Unplug your network cable - no internet distractions
  • Go to the toilets and give yourself a hard slap in the face. If anyone asked why you have gone red, say that you are allergic to slackers.
  • Make a cup of tea but switch the proportions of water and sugar. Get some energy.
  • Set off the fire alarm and when everyone has rushed out of the building you won't have any distractions and can get on with your work
  • Call the MD and tell them that you would like to show them your progress before the end of the day
  • Deny yourself any food or drink until you have finished
  • Listen to a small amount of dance music in headphones. Not too much, you'll want to dance like a crazy person

The only real way out that this executive knows about is a day changing event - a change of deadline, a roasting from a director, a call from an important client. That'll get you going.

Maybe this is just a very cheap post as this executive was stuck on a piece of writing and couldn't think of interesting office-based topics. Well, at least it has given you a welcome 60 second distraction from your task in hand. I do wonder if the cat pictured would provide another distraction or genuine excuse as to why you couldn't get work done.

'He was sleeping, you can't wake him. I'll just have to type around him'