Thursday, 30 September 2010

Dipping into your pocket

As a fully paid up member of the 9-5 brigade, Executives regularly have to dip into their pockets for one thing or another.

It was recently revealed that over 1/3 of the world gives to charity (it wouldn’t work if 100% gave to charity right?). So us overweight office dwellers should certainly not moan about giving to those less fortunate than ourselves. This article, the latest in a series of office based rants (I’ve got another four queued up and waiting to go), was prompted by another email letting everyone know that it’s a casual day tomorrow (for the expense of £2 Stirling).

Ahhh, the casual day. Like a non-uniform day at school where girls get up at 6 a.m. to break out the glad rags. The boys go one of two ways – ‘relaxed’ smart casj with chinos and check shirt, or filthy hoody and just to show they don’t care. Perhaps a full analysis of this is Friday phenomenon is best saved for another post.

It is more that all of these small payments add up. Having done a quick calculation, I estimate that 2% of this executive’s net salary goes into the following ‘Office taxes’

Casual days – donation to charity
Office birthday presents
Emergency charity donation appeals
Buying cakes on my own birthday
Card and presents for co-workers new babies
Sponsorship of colleagues doing marathons, walkathons or any other type of ‘othons
Leaving present donations
Treats for colleagues on your own work anniversary

All of this makes it nigh on impossible to collect donations if you are doing something for charity.

It hardly seems fair that from all this, you get a £20 HMV voucher on your birthday and a pen and card from Clinton's when you leave.
I’m off to the cash machine, I’ll see you tomorrow.