Friday, 3 September 2010

Media wankers # 2

I'm a wanker with hundreds of shirts. I've got a wacky tie for every day of the week!

I'm a stern wanker. I'll tell you off if you get my figures wrong.

I love myself. Look at my raised eyebrows. I'm on top of the world, well . . . on top of my wanky media building in central London. Look, you can see 'the eye' from here. In my job its 'no tie Friday' every day.
I had to include this one. I just had to. This unnamed face melting smug media wanker due to some of the answers in his quick-fire interview.

Q; You've got 5 hours to live, what do you do.
A: Go for a test drive at HR Owen in South Ken with no intention to return.

Q: A joke?
A: Graffiti on hand drier in 1997. 'Press here for Blair's speech'. It's so funny because I'm a member of UKIP.

Q: Which historical figure are you most like
A: Ernest Shackleton. He could endure the most incredible challenges while looking after those who were around him.

I could run with this feature for years (until someone important finds out).